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In July 1969, 600 million people on all the continents followed the first step of a man on the Moon, together with their family or friends, around a radio, sometimes a TV. To celebrate the 50th anniversary, On the Moon Again brought together 1350 events in 77 countries in 2019. Every year from now on, we want to feel this enthusiasm for the Moon again in a global, universal movement, transcending all borders.


How? Nothing could be easier. We want everyone, young and old, to discover the Moon through an astronomical telescope in a worldwide event. Surprise passers-by by offering them this unexpected sight.


You have astronomical equipment? Install it at the corner of a street, along the side of a river, on a village square... Join the event On the Moon Again on July 8th to 10th 2022 and invite passers-by to observe the Moon and share the wonder.

If you would rather stay cosy inside, join the Lunar marathon, a 24h live show with lunar experts and connected telescopes from around the world.

Whether you can go out or not, you can participate!

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In 2019, hundreds of thousands of people had the opportunity to discover the Moon thanks to more than 1300 events organised in 77 countries.   

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A New View of the Moon

A New View of the Moon

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