Here are the results of the OTMA 2021 photo contest.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants and generous donators, the prizes will be sent from September 2021

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1st prize 

a 4.25g full lunar meteorite from Labenne Meteorite

Winner - Melissa Arsaut, France

​2nd to 5th prize


Two refractor telescopes Bresser Messier AR- 90/900  

signed by european astronauts and Nobel prizes with

2 eyepieces,  camera, solar filter from SSVI

Winner - Amirah Luna Izidine, Mozambique and Saira Jimena Beltràn, Colombia



A telescope Perl-Bellatrix  150/750 EQ3-2 from Equinoxe Lyon/Medas


Winner - Saima Lazar, Germany


A telescope Skywatcher 150/750 EQ3-2 from La Clef des étoiles

Winner - Claire Boust, France

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6th to 55th prize 


A small fragment (4 x 3 mm) of a lunar meteorite (NWA 10782) 

from Labenne Meteorites

Winner - All winners will be contacted by email in the next few days.

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Capture d’écran 2018-09-26 à 17.19.40.png