ON THE Moon AGAIN photo Contest


1st prize: a 4.25g full lunar meteorite from Labenne Meteorite

Maroun Habib,Lebanon

2nd prize: a refractor telescope Bresser Messier AR- 90/900  signed by 9 European astronauts

Benoit Reeves, France

3rd prize: a telescope Perl-Bellatrix  150/740 EQ3-2

Cece pim, France

4th prize - a telescope Dobson Skywatcher 200/1200

Alexandre Bottollier, France 

5th to 8th prize - a refractor telescope Bresser Messier AR- 90/900  signed by 5 European astronauts (5th and 6th prize) or 1 astronaut (7th and 8th prize)

Carlos Monterrey , Club de Astronomía Aficionada "Los Cadejos", Nicaragua

Abbas Endisha, Lybia

IGTAC Instituto Gunstar Team de Astronomia Cultural, Brazil

Shaula, Grupo de Bio-Astronomía, Colombia 

9th to 28th prize - a small fragment (3 x 2 mm) of a lunar meteorite (NWA 10782)

29th to 50th prize – a box of space goodies  from International Observe the Moon Night, ESA and Arianegroup

Winners of the 9th to the 50th prize will be contacted directly.